Turner Job Corps lays off 14

ALBANY, Ga. — Turner Job Corps is laying off at least 14 people to adjust to a declining student enrollment.

In a statement released Tuesday afternoon by Turner Job Corps spokesperson Calandra Jefferson, "less than 15" jobs were eliminated in specific positions to accomodate a decision by Job Corps to lower student enrollment requirements from 930 to 732.

"Following the Job Corps enrollment freeze, the Turner Job Corps Center’s student enrollment requirements, along with all Job Corps centers nationwide, was reduced between 15-25 percent," Jefferson wrote in the release." Turner has been reduced from 930 to 732. This required a small adjustment to staffing to match a smaller student population. Specific positions were eliminated based on the DOL model for center staff. All other services and positions remain."

The cut trims the Turner Job Corps staff by about 4.6 percent.

The cuts apparently won't impact the 32 vacancies that Turner currently has posted. It wasn't immediately clear whether those laid off will be allowed to apply for the open positions.

Administered by the U.S. Department of Labor, the Job Corps program has educated and trained more than 2 million students since its inception in 1964.