Washington ignores the Bill of Rights

Two hundred thirty-seven years ago, the founders of this nation pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to the concept of replacing an oppressive government with a new government that respected individual rights and freedoms. Freedom that was endowed by our creator. The oppressive government at the time performed unwarranted searches and seizures, the Church of England was the only religious entity, and taxes were levied upon a citizenry that wasn’t represented by the government that they were supporting.

As you enjoy Independence Day (not the Fourth of July), please think about the parallels to where we are today. The citizens of Boston were subjected to unwarranted search and seizure during the manhunt for the bomber. Mention of any religion other than Islam is taboo. Our government continues to do as they wish. They have mandated that you maintain health insurance, they are storing your personal communications and they have allowed the most powerful government entity the world has ever known, the IRS, to run amuck. This revenue facilitating entity is given access to your health care information, even though they are known to leak information about anyone who is politically considered to be an enemy.

We are fortunate. We don’t have to make solemn pledges regarding our lives or sacred honor. However, now is the time to tell your representative that enough is enough. Sanford Bishop has proven time and again that he has no respect for the Constitution. Our senators, Chambliss and Isakson, must be monitored. Georgians had the convenience of trusting they would vote in line with the founding documents. That is no longer the case. But they have changed their positions based on correspondence with constituents. If they continue their downward spiral, pressure your state reps to invoke the 10th Amendment and impede any and all unconstitutional laws coming out of Washington, D.C. Stand up and refuse to be silent anymore.