Police/Fire/EMS report July 6, 2013

ALBANY — The Albany Police Department responded to at least 18 incidents on Thursday and into the early hours of Friday, available reports show. The incidents included:

— Theft by taking on the 1300 block of Mobile Avenue;

— Reckless conduct on the 800 block of Maple Street;

— Domestic dispute on the 2600 block of Crossbow Court;

— Disorderly conduct on the 300 block of Merritt Street and the 600 block of West Highland Avenue;

— Battery on the 700 block of Clark Avenue, the 2100 block of Robinhood Drive and the 2400 block of Dawson Road;

— Assault on the 400 block of Mercer Avenue;

— Missing person on the 500 block of Louis Avenue, the 1000 block of East Residence Avenue and the 500 block of Willard Avenue;

— Forgery on the 500 block of South Slappey Boulevard;

— DUI less safe on the 300 block of Jefferson Street;

— Burglary on the 600 block of Aztec Lane and the 1100 block of West Gordon Avenue;

— Criminal trespass on the 500 block of Swift Street.

DOUGHERTY POLICE: The Dougherty Police Department responded to at least 19 calls on Wednesday, available reports show. The calls included:

— Family violence on the 1400 block of Liberty Expressway;

—Burglary on the 1400 block of Mock Road.

ALBANY FIRE: The Albany Fire Department responded to at least 22 calls on Tuesday and Wednesday, available records show. The incidents included activated alarms, person stuck in elevator, fireworks smoke scare, downed phone line, downed power line, arcing power lines, structure fire, shorted wiring and fire safety exhibition.

DOUGHERTY EMS: The Dougherty Emergency Medical Service responded to 56 calls on Wednesday, available records show. There were 40 medical calls, 14 trauma calls and two other type calls.

The medical calls included four chest pains, four altered mental statuses, three respiratory issues, three miscellaneous pains, one mental health and 25 various medical calls.

The trauma calls included eight auto accident victims, four falls, one laceration and one assault.