Plan to move Albany Early College to Albany High hits snag

ALBANY, Ga. -- The Dougherty County School Board voted unanimously Monday evening to tighten up several areas dealing with curriculum, shortly after Interim Superintendent Butch Mosely told the board that plans to move Albany Early College (AEC) to Albany High had hit a snag.

At last month's board meeting members expressed concern that the AEC was an unexpected $1 million line item in the district's FY14 budget.

At the time, the board asked Mosely to look into moving the school's 360 students to Albany High School from Albany State University as a cost-savings measure.

"We've run into a problem with Albany Early College ... the school (Albany High) doesn't have enough classroom space," Mosely said.

The superintendent then added that moving the AEC from ASU to the recently closed Sylvester Road Elementary School is not an option because, "a lot of work would have to be done to the building to bring it up to middle and upper school standards.

"Plus, with school starting in less than two months the required work could not be finished in time. That would be very disruptive to the students and an awful lot could go wrong."

Mosely suggested keeping the AEC at ASU for the time being while the board discussed its options.

In action items, The board approved dropping the "Turn-Around" program in favor of keeping ISS (In-School Suspension) students at their respective schools.

"Some of our principals were complaining about kids being removed from the schools, and this will allow us to maintain better control of the students and cause less disruption." Curriculum Director Ufot Inyang said.

The board also approved a new math retention policy in which students who failed Math I would have to repeat the course rather than be promoted to Math II and forced to also take a remedial course.

In addition, the board OKed a Classroom Instructional Focus Walk protocol in which administrators would visit classrooms to determine the effectiveness of teachers.

The board also approved the introduction of CTAE (Career, Technology and Ag Education) personal trainer and sports medicine pathways.

The school board's next regularly scheduled meeting is set for Aug. 12 at 6 p.m at the school administration building.