L2network lobbying for investigation into Mediacom

Mediacom calls L2N's accusations a diversion.

ALBANY, Ga.— L2Networks, the company once professing to provide local telecommunications competition for Mediacom, said Thursday that they believe Mediacom violated the law by attempting to get proprietary information via wire fraud and identity theft.

In a statement to the media Thursday, L2Network officials said that they have asked State Attorneys General in Iowa and Georgia to launch formal criminal investigations into what it calls a “suspicious series of events,” which were ultimately determined to be emanating from a Mediacom call center in Des Moines, Iowa.

L2Networks alleges that its call center staff began receiving multiple inbound calls from the same commercial customer repeatedly requesting technical information about that customer’s account.

When contacted by senior L2Networks officials, the customer denied ever calling which prompted an internal investigation which company officials say yielded evidence that the calls had originated in Mediacom’s Business Sales and Support Center in Des Moines, according to L2Networks officials.

L2Networks also believes Mediacom personnel have, on several occasions, impersonated L2N in order to transfer phone numbers from L2N’s service and to acquire confidential customer records.

Kristopher Twomey, an attorney representing L2N, said that the company is urging authorities in both Georgia and Iowa to launch thorough criminal investigations and is preparing to launch its own civil suit against Mediacom.

“L2 has not sought any criminal warrants as of yet and will assist with any investigations by the AGs,” Twomey said. “L2 is in the process of determining its damages in preparation for seeking civil remedies arising from Mediacom’s actions. Moreover, it’s a reasonable assumption that the actions alleged in those letters were not limited to a few occurrences. Additional investigation is needed to determine the full scope of Mediacom’s attempts to illegally poach competing companies’ customers.”

Mediacom representatives said the accusations were an attempt to divert attention from the company’s financial woes and legal troubles surrounding L2N CEO Kraig Beahn.

“In response to L2N pursuing criminal charges, this appears to be an attempt by L2N to divert attention away its business troubles, including the fact that L2N’s CEO was arrested for illegally tapping into Mediacom’s network,” Phyllis Peters, spokesperson for Mediacom, said Thursday.

Beahn has pleaded not guilty to the charges and is awaiting trial.