Three-year-old goes for a night out

ALBANY — After an early-morning stroll about the neighborhood, a local 3-year-old was taken safely back to bed, police officials say.

Cecilia Jenkins told the Albany Police Department she was driving in East Albany around 2 a.m. Friday when she and her son noticed a small child walking alone on the 1500 block of Radium Springs Road. According to Jenkins, she took the child safely from the road and called 911.

Police officers arrived on the scene and, upon investigation, determined the child to be Rayshon Henderson, 3, who resides on the 400 block of Vick Street.

Rayshon’s mother, Lawanda Henderson, 36, told police the child had apparently unlatched the door to their home and walked out as the rest of the family slept. No injuries or charges were reported by APD.