Marine parent looks forward to new view of DCSS

Letter to the editor

The initial decision to disallow Marine Corps base children came as a shock to our military families. A relationship that has been fruitful for years came to an unexpected screeching halt two weeks before the start of school.

Naturally anger was a first emotion, but so was hurt — hurt that a family that we had become a part of rejected our children. There have been many comments about why these kids go to Worth County in the first place, being that they are technically in Dougherty County. It is widely known that the DCSS has had issues in the past.

When my family arrived here, those issues were pretty apparent and therefore we decided that Worth County was the best option for our children. I have been told that the ugly brush I painted DCSS with in my open letter to the Worth County Board of Education was unfair to DCSS. My knowledge of DCSS comes from the information that I, myself, gathered in arriving in Albany and continued my perception throughout our time here, especially since I do not have a child in the DCSS system.

Upon current research, Dr. Mosley — DCSS interim superintendent — has been working hard to turn around those perceptions and comments like mine did not help. DCSS has a school system full of bright, smart children waiting to be led into a bright future, and Dr. Mosley is trying his best, with the cards he has been dealt, to make that happen. I hope as improvements continue within DCSS that in years to come it will be an option that military families get excited about when coming here.

I am very thankful for Worth County reversing their decision and allowing our children back in their schools, and I am also looking forward to having my perception of DCSS changed.