Posey an example of what an athlete should be

Letter to the editor

In my opinion, sports just ain’t what it used to be. When I was young I looked up to the Collegiate and even further to the pro players as someone special who could do no wrong. I always thought you had to walk the straight and narrow to be playing sports. Even spitting on the side walk would elicit a gasp from me.

Wow, how times have changed. Marshall Henderson of Ole Miss has been in some questionable ethics since a senior in high school. And in college he gave the finger to an opposing fan and has failed drug tests more than once. Of course I don’t blame this on anybody but the coach for the fact that he’s still playing, or was. As for his actions, only he can control them.

Now we move to Brazil where soccer is the main sport. An amateur player refused to follow the referees’ orders to leave the field which resulted in a mob-driven riot ending with the referee being decapitated. That’s right, “off with your head” was taken literally and the poor ref was removed from the field in two pieces.

Thank God not all players are like that. Buster Posey exemplifies what a real professional should act like. Someone who you can look too and say I want to be like him when I grow up. I just hope Buster doesn’t stub his toe (no pun intended) along the way.