There are no winners in teen’s shooting death

Letter to the editor

There is no winner in the Trayvon Martin story. He is dead and Zimmerman’s life has also been ruined.

It is time that the parents of young black people, who so often lose their life in this way, face up to their part in the deaths of their children. Being born poor and a minority does not cause a child to grow up bitter and full of hate. Being raised by parents and a community that tells you from birth that others are trying to “keep you down” or who tell you that you live in poverty because your future was stolen from you by the evil whites in this world, will.

If a child is told often enough that his future will be ruined because he was born black, his future will be ruined. This is not a perfect country, but if we could get the charlatans like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson out of the lives of these young people, they will have a better outlook on their future and may get out of the streets and back in school.

Sharpton and Jackson are race pimps that make their living by keeping you and I hating each other. Why don’t we put them out of business?