Kitchen inspections for July 21, 2013

These establishments were inspected by the Dougherty and Lee County Environmental Health Offices.

The department scores on a 100-point scale with a score of 80 or greater considered to be passing.

Businesses and Agencies inspected are required to post score sheets where the public can see them. To contact the health office, call (229) 438-3943.



Arby’s, 1105 N. Slappey Blvd.

Score: 94

Notes: Observed turnovers stored uncovered and subject to contamination. PIC covered. Corrected On-Site. Repeat Violation.

McDonald’s, 1632 E. Oglethorpe Blvd.

Score: 90

Notes: Observed reach-in cooler where salads are kept needs cleaning; employee clean reach-in cooler. Corrected On-Site. New Violation. Observed cloth sanitizer not strong enough; employee refill sanitizer to proper amount. Corrected On-Site. Repeat Violation. Observed exterior of drink machine in lobby needs cleaning; employee clean exterior of drink machine Corrected On-Site. Repeat Violation.

Subway, 2215 E. Oglethorpe Blvd.

Score: 100


Charlie & Pearl’s Country Fried Chicken, 1610 S. Jefferson St.

Score: 96

Notes: Observed interior of cooler and gaskets soiled, observed bottom of prep table soiled. Discussed routinely cleaning with PIC. Repeat Violation. Discussed providing self closure on employee restroom. Repeat Violation. Observed ceiling tile missing/damaged, observe floors still in need of cleaning beneath fryers, observed missing floor tiles. Discussed routinely cleaning and replacing/repairing missing tiles as needed. Repeat Violation.

Hilton Garden Inn, 101 S. Front St.

Score: 100

Hilton Garden Inn Albany/Food Service, 101 S. Front St.

Score: 96

Notes: Observed interior of microwave needs cleaning; employee wipe interior of microwave with wiping cloth Corrected On-Site. New Violation.

Macy’s Place, 1939 S. Jackson St.

Score: 96

Notes: Discussed obtaining CFSM with owner New Violation.


The House of Jazz, 726 W. Highland Ave.

Score: 100


Burger King, 802 S. Slappey Blvd.

Score: 95

Notes: Equipment and utensils not properly air-dried. Discussed placing utensils in single layer or pyramid stacking to air dry. Repeat Violation. Observed live flies in kitchen. New Violation.

Deep South Motel, 2230 E. Oglethorpe Blvd.

Score: 100


Kentucky Fried Chicken, 1723 E. Oglethorpe Blvd.

Score: 97

Notes: Observed wiping cloth quaternary ammonium compound sanitizing solution not at proper minimum strength; solution was refilled to proper strength. Corrected On-Site. New Violation.



El Maya II, 1561 US HWY 19S

Score: 90

Notes: Observed container of raw chicken stored next to raw shrimp in walk-in cooler. Manager corrected violation by having employee move raw shrimp to another shelf in walk-in cooler. Corrected On-Site. New Violation. Observed latest inspection report not posted in a way customers could read it. Inspection report was posted behind front counter. New Violation.


Grand Island Golf Course, 270 Grand Island Drive

Score: 91

Notes: No person in charge present or certified food safety manager on staff at the time of the inspection. New Violation. Observed no hand towels or hand drying provision at hand sink behind bar. Manager corrected violation by having an employee place hand towels at the sink. Corrected On-Site. New Violation. Observed improper storage of utensils on dry storage rack (plates and cups not stored inverted to protect food and lip surfaces). New Violation.