Colquitt native ‘shoots’ for New York Film Festival

Colquitt native Victoria Henley is co-producer of a film that is up for review for inclusion in the New York Film Festival. The film chronicles some of her experiences as a model.

Colquitt native Victoria Henley is co-producer of a film that is up for review for inclusion in the New York Film Festival. The film chronicles some of her experiences as a model.

COLQUITT, Ga. — Victoria Henley has had some unique experiences in her career, and she’s hoping to capitalize on them with a berth in a short film she co-produced in the New York Film Festival.

Henley, who competed in last season’s “America’s Next Top Model: College Edition,” is starring in a short film — 9 minutes, 49 seconds — titled “Shoot Me” for Canon’s Project Imagination. Directed and filmed by Sammie Saxon, who won a previous Project Imagination in the photography division, the film starts with a young girl recognizing Henley and asking the 20-year-old model what her career’s like.

Henley points out it’s not always “what it’s cracked up to be.”


Victoria Henley wrote periodic movie reviews for The Albany Herald’s features section starting at age 12.

From there, Henley shifts between a sit-down interview and recollections of some of her more quirky experiences in a documentary-style setting.

“Most all of the scenarios re-enacted in the film were based on actual (almost too strange to believe) experiences I have had working while within the industry such as having water squirted directly into my face by creative directors,” she said Monday. “Working with eccentric directors/photographers has put me in odd, compromising (and sometimes dangerous) atmospheres, all in the relentless pursuit to get the ‘perfect shot.’

“A chief objective of our film, ‘Shoot Me,’ was to vividly portray the less-than-glamorous aspects of the modeling industry while seamlessly incorporating photos selected by Ron Howard for Project Imagination to be a part of the movie. What I believe gives the film a quirky, individualistic and almost nostalgic quality is some of the written intros before each scene and the docu-style interviews I conduct, which detail my true-life outrageous modeling adventures.”

“Shoot Me” is now being reviewed by Howard for possible inclusion in the New York Film Festival. Henley says she’s optimistic about her and Saxon’s chances.

“ ‘Shoot Me’ already has an edge over the competition because it is officially sponsored by Canon, and it is currently being reviewed by iconic actor/director Ron Howard,” she said. “Sammie Saxon and I will find out in early September whether or not the film has been selected to be shown and distributed at the New York Film Festival, and the film will be posted on the website for approximately one month.”

Henley was able to use some of the students from her modeling workshops, private lessons and portfolio sessions as principal actors in the film, which can be seen online by going to this link. Henley’s asking those who watch the film to comment on it and share it on their social media pages.

While she waits for a final word on the film festival, Henley’s got plenty to keep her busy. Asked what her next projects are, she said she was “currently developing a feature film, which I have written with an established indie film company, and plan to start with casting and production later this fall.

“Also, I teach modeling workshops, private sessions and am the featured speaker at many modeling seminars, and I also help models build their portfolios/book ad campaigns through the portfolio/private training session I offer with several nationally-acclaimed photographers.”

She’s also recently shot several ad campaigns with multiple wedding magazines that will be released this winter, and she’s signed on to emcee several large fashion weeks. Henley plans to produce her own fashion expo and model in runway shows for a Los Angeles evening gown company.

“I plan to continue to utilize my various diverse talents within the industry to their fullest and keep pursuing opportunities that arise with intrepid determination, which will be conducive to my career expanding and reaching new, exciting heights,” she said.

Henley’s parents — Lynn and Russ Henley — reside in Colquitt, as do her grandparents, Ray and Ethel Henley. Her grandparents Gene and Ramona Boatright live in Sylvester.