Leaders should not create division

Letter to the Editor

A leader, whether he or she be a worker in a fast-food restaurant or the CEO of a large company, must never be a thermometer as they manage their areas of responsibility. A thermometer reflects the temperature. Such managers must be thermostats as they conduct the affairs of their units of responsibility. A thermostat controls the temperature.

In the military, a squad leader, a platoon leader, a company commander, battalion commander, brigade combat team commander or a division commander must lead their soldiers. A leader influences people to accomplish whatever mission the commander has. The leader must establish himself or herself as an example of one who understands what their position requires of them. They must be technically and tactically proficient in the operation of their unit, and they must be an example of maturity, of someone dedicated to the job at hand, and decisive in actions.

Good leaders know what is required of him or her. Should there be anything that threatens to divide the people and threatens the mission or output, then he or she must take action to resolve the issue, and that resolution must be for the good of the overall unit or operation. Good leaders are sometimes born to be good leaders, some are trained to be good leaders and others are left to wonder.

Good leadership applies to the president of the United States, too, in all matters, and that is the preservation of the Union and not to influence division among We the People.