Minority voters can’t miss off-year elections

Letter to the Editor

For those of you who think this is the post-racial era, you had better put down that pipe, face reality and do some serious rethinking. Just think about it: (1) With the Supreme Court taking the “guts” out of the 1965 Voters Rights Act by stating that historically segregated states no longer have to submit electoral process changes to the Department of Justice; (2) with Republican states steadily gerrymandering election districts, and (3) with the Zimmerman decision showing that a white man can still get away with the murder of a young, unarmed black youth. White America may be willing to acknowledge that the number of black and brown people is quickly growing in this country, but the power still remains in white hands, and White America knows it.

Wake up, Black and Brown America! As we recognize the 50th anniversary of Bull Connor turning the fire hoses on peaceful protestors in Birmingham, Ala., the return of Jim Crow might be closer than you think. It is absolutely imperative that we organize and vote. Mid-term elections are just as important as the presidential election; there can be no “off year.”

We must vote every year, every chance, every opportunity; we must vote the reactionaries out before it is too late. Wake up, America, the time is now.

We must vote the rascals out!