Phoebe reviews medical staff applicants

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital

ALBANY, Ga. -- Several hopeful additions to the medical staff at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital were noted on the most recent report to come to the hospital’s professional affairs committee.

Officials say the medical staff at Phoebe primarily takes on the role of looking into physician applicants’ qualifications, in turn making a recommendation to the hospital’s Professional Affairs Committee before a final decision is made by the full board.

The report that came before the Professional Affairs Committee on Monday, presented to the Credentials and Bylaws Committee on June 24 and the Medical Executive Committee on July 9, shows that nine physicians are looking to come on board. They are Drs. Deanna Bing and Vanessa Cabaron, both hospitalists; Dr. Robert Eilers, a physiatrist; Dr. Sig-Linda Jacobson, a maternal and fetal medicine specialist; family medicine specialists Drs. Olusegun John and Jimi Malik; surgical oncologist Dr. Sanjay Munireddy; pediatrician Dr. Danice Roberts and anesthesiologist Dr. Kevin Kennedy.

The report says that Bing, Cabaron, Eilers, Jacobson, John and Kennedy are all coming in on “locum tenens” status — which indicates a staff member who is temporarily standing in for someone else.

The report also shows that pediatric hospitalist Dr. Cheryl Tolliver has requested a change in staff status from “locum tenens” to active status, joining the Georgia Regents Hospitalist program. She was previously on active status from July 2003 to June 2010 before relocating to Valdosta, the report says.

The report also notes under “request for privileges withdrawn” that new cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Curtis Quinn has opted not to perform vascular surgery.

The report was approved by the committee and has been sent to Phoebe’s full board for final approval. The full board typically meets the first Wednesday of every month.