Herald promotion 'connects dots' for job-seekers

Ken Boler is general sales manager of The Albany Herald.

Ken Boler is general sales manager of The Albany Herald.

ALBANY, Ga. -- Albany Herald General Sales Manager Ken Boler says a promotion planned by the newspaper in August is a simple matter of "connecting dots."

For employers looking for just the right person to fill an important position or the area's unemployed looking for more than a stop-gap job opportunity, those dots could be a godsend.

"People are frustrated because they can't get their piece of the American dream," Boler, who has been with The Herald for a little more than three months, said. "With our reach into 23 counties and more than 142,000 readers, we wanted to help connect the dots between employers looking for qualified employees for unfilled jobs.

"In talking with some of the employers in the area, especially small business owners, they've said they're frustrated that they can't find that 'game-changer' to help their business grow. We want to be the conduit to get those employers and employees together."

Boler said the newspaper has put together "some entry-level packages that will get their message out to potential employees without breaking the bank." Part of the promotion is a listing of jobs that will be published in The Herald on Wednesdays and Sundays and on the www.AlbanyHerald.com website. The job listings will be updated regularly throughout the month.

"Business owners have come to us and said, 'I need help, but I can't spend a lot of money to fill the jobs available,'" Boler said. "(The Herald's promotion) is for people who are looking for real jobs, people who want to work. If they're serious about going to work, those jobs are out there.

"A lot of local employers are losing their summer help, and they've got jobs coming open. They're looking for the right people to join their team. By listing these jobs in The Herald, we hope to help connect the dots between potential employees and available jobs."

Boler said if the promotion "gets enough traction," the newspaper will revisit it throughout the year.

"This is about Albany putting Albanians and Southwest Georgians to work," he said. "I don't know if we've got 20 people out there (looking for viable jobs) or 40 or 50. But if we put just one of them to work, we all win."