AT&T puts up new cell tower near Moultrie

MOULTRIE, Ga. —Telecommunications giant AT&T is expanding mobile service to customers around the Moultrie area with the activation of a new tower, officials said Tuesday.

“Delivering dependable wireless coverage for consumers and businesses that need to stay connected is a key priority,” said Courtney Brinson, AT&T director of external affairs. “AT&T’s recent investment in Moultrie will help ensure that customers have access to the wireless services that help keep our residents connected to their world — whether it be family, business or emergency needs.”

The new cell site is located along Roy Price Road and is part of AT&T’s efforts to drive innovation and extend its mobile Internet network, according to a news release issued Tuesday.

“More than ever before, customers look to wireless communications to stay in touch with family, friends and business colleagues,” said Sylvia Russell, president of AT&T Georgia. “We’re working to make this possible by investing in enhanced wireless coverage in South Georgia and throughout the state.”

The expanded service is part of an ongoing effort by AT&T to improve its rural service.

In February, the company “turned on” its 4G service in Albany, increasing data speeds for those with smart phones and tablets.

AT&T has lagged behind competitor Verizon in implementing new technology in the area. Verizon upgraded Albany users to 4G service in October 2012.