President Obama's transparency reaches the point of invisibility

Guest commentary

Allan Russell

Allan Russell

Obama, during his first campaign for president, promised he would have the most transparent government In this nation's history. Evidently, he kept that promise, for no matter where or how hard you look, you can't find a single soul in this administration who is accountable or responsible for anything, including the president himself. They are all transparent!

Let's begin with Fast and Furious. The attorney general has testified that neither he nor his people had anything to do with Fast and Furious. Recently, "Fox and Friends" interviewed Brian's mother, who said no one would contact her regarding her questions. The attorney general is obviously transparent. (EDITOR'S NOTE: Brian Terry was a Border Patrol agent whose shooting death was connected to a drug-smuggling operation that obtained weapons that entered the black market through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosions' Operation Fast and Furious in which ATF agents hoped to trace weapons sales to drug and weapons cartel organizers.)

We had an apparent terrorist attack at Fort Hood, Texas, by an Army major. This administration labeled it "workplace violence," as opposed to terrorist activity, thus depriving the dead and wounded and their families from receiving proper recognition, i.e.: Purple Hearts and financial support.As always with this administration, no one has been found responsible.

Now to Benghazi and the deaths of four federal employees due to a terror attack. This administration chose to label it something other than terror related and then sent Ambassador Susan Rice to the media to say the attack was motivated by a little known, low-budget video produced in this country.

The government later arrested the video's producer.

As Congress sought answers to the deaths, our secretary of state let a congressional committee know how the administration felt about the inquiry by saying, in an angry tone, "What difference does it make at this time that four people died?"

Again, no one is responsible. From my personal vantage point, it makes a great deal of difference to the families involved and should make a difference to this administration and our nation.

Now, we have scandals emerging in the IRS, charging they have been targeting and harassing groups identified by the administration as unfriendly toward the administration. In addition, the IRS has, in the last three years, spent $50 million on conferences, including teaching staff to dance and take part in videos. And guess what? Yes, you guessed right. No one in the IRS or the administration is responsible!

We deserve better. We must demand better! Become better informed. Let your legislators know they are responsible for protecting us from the "transparent government."

Allan Russell, of Leesburg, is a retired clinical social worker and therapist with the state of Georgia's mental health system. He is involved in volunteer work in the metro Albany area.