Whose interest does Obama have at heart?

Letter to the editor

The Final Chapter never took much interest in politics until later in life, although I did vote.

Never in my life did I think I would see a person who is supposed to be our commander in chief, someone holding the highest office in the United States, a person who is supposed to ask the citizens to rally around the flag, get elected to the president of the United states that is so self-centered, egotistical, so clueless, so couldn't care less, so arrogant, totally unconcerned about the county or its people.

The United States is like a toy to Obama. After all the destruction has been done and his four years are up we will be a nation destroyed like Oklahoma, with little left to rebuild on and broke with no money to do it with as the coffers will all have been looted by his goons living in a foreign country while the citizens of the U.S. ravage, fight and kill each other just to survive.

More later from the Final Chapter.