Chick-fil-A awards scholarships to 7 Southwest Georgia students

ALBANY, Ga. -- Chick-fil-A of Albany has made life just a bit easier for seven Southwest Georgia high school seniors, awarding more than $4,000 to Chick-fil-A Rising Leaders Scholarship winners.

Recipients for the 2012-13 school year are Jonathan Lyons, Lee County High School, $1,000; Dakeldrick Dismuke, Westover High School, $800; Reginald Mosley, Westover High School, $800; Daniel Gay, Westwood School, $250; Irena Haire, Baconton Community Charter School, $500. Prentiss Autry, Baconton Community Charter School, $500, and Sydney Scott, Webster County School, $500.

Through the organization's Tuition Assistance Program, managers majoring in business are offered full scholarships for bachelors and masters degrees at local colleges, and the full cost of books is offered to all other non-management team members who have no other means of assistance such as Hope, Pell or other scholarships.

To date, five store managers have taken advantage of the program to complete graduate programs and another five are currently working toward the completion of bachelor's degrees.

Each term, many non-management team members also take advantage of assistance for the cost of books which is offered regardless of their chosen area of study.

Franchise operator K.J. Wari said he believes this is a very real way to invest in those who have faithfully served his businesses over the years. He also sees the Tuition Assistance Program as a way to invest in the work force of tomorrow.

"Whether they choose to stay with Chick-fil-A or move on to another business, I'm grateful for the opportunity to invest in our people, and I'm grateful for such a supportive community that makes programs like this possible," Wari said.

Over the lifetime of the program, Wari said, more than $20,000 has been provided to employees.