Pit bulls attack neighborhood dog

ALBANY — Two uncontrolled dogs resembling pit bull terriers attacked a woman’s German shepherd in her backyard, the shepherd’s owner said.

About 8:25 a.m. on Wednesday, Albany Animal Control agents responded to a residence on the 600 block of Cochran Avenue in regard to the reported pit bull attack. The agents, Ryan Cauley and Autumn Lowrey, reported the injured German shepherd was bleeding and showed bite marks on its face, neck, torso and legs.

The injured dog’s owner said one of the attacking dogs was light brindel in color with a black collar. The other dog was brown. The injured dog’s owner said she’d heard noises associated with the attack and saw the attacking animals run when she entered her backyard.

Cauley and Lowrey reported they located and secured the light brindel pit bull and were in the process of securing it in their vehicle when approached by four juveniles, who claimed ownership of the dog. According to the agents, the juveniles assisted them in locating Lucretia Jackson, of 609 Willard Ave., who said she was keeping both dogs for her brother, Tony Jackson.

Lucretia Jackson was cited by the agents for animal running at large, no valid rabies tag and female in heat, officials say.

Police officials said the pit bull dog was taken to the Albany Humane Society shelter for rabies observation.