Traffic law enforcers deserve our thanks

Letter to the editor

You don’t hear it often enough, so I will personally say thanks to those officers out there enforcing road rules. I know you probably get accused of running speed traps, but probably by folks that never knew about Ludowici. Hard to be a speed trap when they are doing at least 10 over because the state Legislature considers you less trustworthy than GSP (Georgia’s Special People).

I, for one, like the State Patrol’s ability to actually enforce the speed limit, just wish you all could. I want to thank all the officers running the tag readers. You are doing wonders cleaning up the roads of individuals that have no business being out on the road. Just wish there were more of you.

I know some folks out there are now trying to figure ways around those readers, but that is always going to happen. Just like radar detectors. Folks would rather try and beat the system than simply obey the law. I don’t agree with all the laws you are tasked to enforce, but I do appreciate you enforcing them. So do your job in an honest and professional manner, at least one citizen says thanks.