Firefighters show ingenuity in rescue

Letter to the Editor

Over the past decade or so, I’ve watched several television series — “Rescue Me,” “Third Watch,” and now, “Chicago Fire” — and been surprised at some of the situations firefighters encounter. The dramatizations demonstrate how these men and women use ladders and ropes, axes and power saws, inflatable devices and Jaws of Life to rescue individuals from all sorts of situations.

But I can’t recall a single instance in which any of the firefighters used a string as a rescue device. The Albany firefighters proved the ingenuity employed by their TV counterparts is a quality shared by real-life firefighters.

My hat is off to the men who answered Mrs. Willson’s call and rescued Kitty Cat without digging up the yard. And thanks to Mrs. Willson for caring so much about a kitten ... and thanks also to her and her late husband for caring so much about out community.