Work set on Leesburg's Starksville Avenue

LEESBURG, Ga. -- Work is expected to begin today on transforming one of Leesburg's worst streets into one of its best featuring new paving, improved parking, medians and landscaping.

The section of Starksville Avenue from Fourth Avenue to State Route 32 is being resurfaced by the city of Leesburg at a cost of about $61,000.

Mike Sistrunk, Lee County's Public Works director, said engineers are expected to be at the site today to mark off areas where the pavement needs to be removed. These areas include sections for the medians, parking and landscaping.

Public Works crews from both the city of Leesburg and Lee County are cooperating on the work in preparation for resurfacing by Oxford Construction Co. of Albany. The county's share of the Starksville project is about $55,000, which will cover the beautification and infrastructure changes.

Sistrunk says Starksville is one of the city's most heavily traveled roads because residents use it to get to the county government building, the tag office and local churches.

"Parents also use it getting their kids back and forth to school," Sistrunk said. "It's constantly being used, night and day."

Lee County Planning and Engineering Director Bob Alexander said crews also will put conduit under the roadway, which will allow an easy transformation to underground utilities in the future.

"We're not putting in underground utilities now; however, we are putting in conduit that is required to change to underground utilities in the future when funds are available," he said.

"All of this needs to be done before school starts back in August, so we're on kind of a short time frame in getting the work done."

Alexander said the median and landscaping will greatly improve the road from a visual standpoint. The road is covered with pot holes, so the resurfacing will improve the roadway from a driving comfort standpoint.

He also noted that work will be done in alternate lanes in an effort to keep the roadway open for traffic.

"It will take coordination on this because we don't want to tie up traffic," Alexander said.