‘Loose end’ gang suspect indicted by grand jury

William Courtney Johnson

William Courtney Johnson

ALBANY, Ga. — A man viewed by prosecutors as a loose end left in connection with a massive gang roundup from 2011 has been caught by Dougherty County Sheriff’s deputies.

William Courtney Johnson was indicted along with more than 30 other suspected gang members by a Dougherty County grand jury on Oct. 11, 2011, but fled the area and remained at large until he was arrested by sheriff’s deputies during a raid June 3.

According to the indictment, Johnson was charged with two counts of aggravated assault, rioting in a penal institution and four counts of street gang terrorism. He’s subsequently being charged with aggravated battery, a probation violation, two counts of robbery by force, a misdemeanor count of theft by taking and two counts of violating Georgia’s anti-racketeering laws.

Dougherty District Attorney Greg Edwards said the racketeering charges could help the state seize any assets that may have been used to further the gangs or the crimes they commit.

“That’s something we’re going to try and do more of,” Edwards said. “We’re going to go after their guns, their cars, their bank accounts and anything else that we can associate with the gangs to shut them down.”

According to the indictment, the charges against Johnson stem from a July 2011 attack on Donald Williams in which he, along with two others, is alleged to have beaten Williams in furtherance of their street gang.

The rioting charge comes after Johnson allegedly spit in the face of a Dougherty County detention officer and threatened to kill that detention officer and another one.