Kay Hind’s life is truly one of impact, achievement


The rest of the state now knows something that many in the Albany area were already well aware of: For more than four decades, Kay Hind has been a force of positive impact on Albany and Southwest Georgia.

Last week at the Healthy Community Summit in Macon, Hind was given an award recognizing the hard, selfless work she has done on behalf of older people in our area through the SOWEGA Council on Aging. Hind was awarded the Georgia Aging Network’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Indeed, her life had been one of achievement, and residents of Albany and Southwest Georgia have been the beneficiaries.

“Obviously, I don’t do it alone,” Hind said in an interview with The Albany Herald. “I just happen to be the figurehead. I got the award, but because I’m here and the programs work. We can be a role model for some of the other programs.”

There is truth in that statement. No organization such as the SOWEGA Council on Aging could be successful without a team effort by dedicated, talented individuals. But there is also a great deal of Hind’s characteristic modesty. As executive director, she has been the captain of her organization’s ship, the one who determines a direction and steers everyone on board toward it. Without vision, there would be nothing to see.

And the SOWEGA Council on Aging certainly has plenty to see, from its programs to the new construction that is under way on the Senior Life Enrichment Center at the former site of Byne Memorial Baptist Church on West Society Avenue. This is a project Hind had championed for years, and expectations are that the $8 million, 45,000-square-foot facility will be operating early next year.

Hind’s leadership went a long way toward making that dream a reality, one that will benefit the community along with the people that the council serves.

As she notes, the new facility is full of potential, as is the council’s executive director, who is showing no signs of slowing down.

“The fact they gave it (the award) to me ... it is always nice to be recognized by those who know you,” Hind said. “It doesn’t have to be much, but it is nice to get something. ... I’ve been doing this job for years and I love what I do.”

Our region is fortunate that Hind found the job that she loved here. Albany and Southwest Georgia are all the better for it.