Town hall on schools has high absenteeism

Dougherty School System interim Superintendent Butch Mosely

Dougherty School System interim Superintendent Butch Mosely

ALBANY, Ga. -- Albany City Commissioner Ivey Hines held a town hall meeting Saturday with Dougherty County School System Interim Superintendent Butch Mosely at the Albany Law Enforcement Center to discuss all the good things going on with the local school system.

The good news is that Hines and Mosely showed up. The bad news is -- with the exception of relatives of Mosely and Hines and two reporters -- no one else did.

Still, that didn't stop the pair from conducting an impromptu news conference to talk about recent changes within the system.

"I am disappointed in the lack of turnout because things like this are important," Hines said. "Our educators mean everything in our community and I think we need to search out the positive things that are happening with our school system."

Mosely, who replaced former superintendent Joshua Murfree in January, has made sweeping changes among top level staff and school principals since taking the job said he sees a difference between now and then.

"I now see a renewed spirit of cooperation from the school board down to the school level," Mosely said. "People are getting excited because they are seeing us do the things the right way. As I have said before, there is no quick fix to out problems, it's going to be a three to five year project.

"We had a lot of work in restoring credibility with the state (Department of Education) which is still holding up some of our money because they didn't trust us to do the right thing. I was told this week that they (the state DOE) were about to free up another allocation to us. So there is hop, the community is buying into what we are trying to do. Trust is the key."

Hines agreed.

"I believe in the people in this community," Hines said. "The perception of the school system isn't very high right now. We seem to play up every little negative thing that takes place. But if you look at what's happening at the individual school level you will see our students are competitive at the state level.

"There are good things going on in our school system, we just have to look for the positive."