Liquor store burglars cut hole in wall

ALBANY, Ga. -- Robert Taylor, owner of Brothers Package Store, 1101 Newton Road, found a lot of damage to his business Tuesday morning.

Thieves had knocked down his metal fence and ripped off the electric meter at the back of the building before cutting their way inside through the air conditioner duct. Taylor had been victimized before, he said, but thought he was safe this time.

"I had the back door closed with cinder blocks," Taylor said, "and all the windows were covered with built-in steel mesh. Who would have thought they'd get in this way? You have to have air conditioning. It's South Georgia."

Taylor said the burglars made off with only about $150 from the register and a couple of cases of liquor, but the damage to his store would be more than $1,000. According to Taylor, Albany Water Gas and Light replaced the broken meter at no charge and are investigating the crime along with the Albany Police Department. Taylor said internal video cameras failed to record the crime because power for the business was terminated when the criminals destroyed the meter.