Contract awarded for Leesburg public works facility

LEESBURG, Ga. — An Albany construction company has been given to contract for $337,900 to construct a new public works facility for the city of Leesburg in what could be the shortest meeting ever of the Leesburg City Council.

Meeting for about 60 seconds, the council voted without opposition to give the job of W.J. Kirksey Construction Co. of Albany.

What had been a mundane bid review got confusing when an official from Taylor Construction Co. of Thomasville appeared before the council Monday night to contend that his bid was actually the low bid.

Brent Taylor said his bid of $359,719 included an addendum for possible architectural services that should have been considered an option for the council. Without that option, Taylor said his bid was slightly more than $331,000.had tomust be added to get a final price.

Taylor disagreed, telling council members Monday that the architectural add-on was simply an option. Public Works Director William Clark indicated that was not his understanding initially.

The City Council was expected to approve the contract Monday night, but tabled the matter for further study. At that point, three council members were ready to approve the Kirksey bid while three council members abstained.

The action Wednesday night was taken without discussion. Taylor was at the meeting, and left without comment to the panel.

Construction of the planned 12,600-square-foot facility is expected to take four to six months. Most of the space will be taken up by covered storage space for city equipment, however a 60-by-30-foot section will include office space.

Yet to be determined is whether the city will bid site preparation work or do that work with city employees. Clark said estimates on site preparation are around $85,000.

The City has projected about $500,000 for both the building and the site preparation.