School Board stipend increases unjustified

Letter to the Editor

I am just sitting here reading the front page article of The Albany Herald dated Friday. I cannot believe that Mr. James Bush would even initiate conversation to the board about considering raising the stipends from the current $250 per month. When these people run for the seats on the School Board, they know what the monthly compensation is in advance. Being on the school board is not a “career” and I would hope that they do not depend on this money for their well-being.

I cannot believe with the teachers still being furloughed, two schools closed and one school repurposed that this would even be in a conversation.

If the School Board members don’t think they make enough money to be on the board, then they need to resign. This DCSS has been in a shambles for several years and I do not see how there can be any justification in raising the stipends. How much money did Murfree just sign away to consultants, Satuday School, etc.? It appears that there has not been a checks-and-balance system with the school system in a very long time.

And, it is obvious that they do not know the proper coding of expenses.

Let Mr. Mosely finish getting the system turned around and let the teachers get their full pay for once in several years and then if there is any money without increasing the school taxes, then consider a slight increase in the stipends.

All of the different Boards and Commissioners in Albany have got to STOP spending money that is not there. With all of the budget cuts, the unnecessary spending needs to stop.