An unacceptable word is always unacceptable

Letter to the Editor

The n-word is offensive when it is used, no matter who is using the word. I am just curious about why so many think it is acceptable if Jay Z or Kanye uses it, but they will slap the word “racist” on any white that uses it.

So why is that? If the word is downgrading and insulting if Paula Deen uses it, why is it an expression of brotherly love if a black rapper uses it? Is the person suing Paula truly insulted or has she been taught by leaders like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson that if you wait long enough, you may actually catch a wealthy white person using the wrong word, and gotcha, a million bucks may be yours!

If the n-word is unacceptable, it is unacceptable. The sad fact is that too many out there want revenge, not equality. If we don’t all stop thinking of each other as “those people,” we will all lose more than any money that is to be gained by bullying and intimidating people who are not bad, just not perfect.