Leesburg author pens sixth novel, looks forward to the road ahead

Marques Lewis, of Leesburg, is a former New Jersey resident who has written six novels.

Marques Lewis, of Leesburg, is a former New Jersey resident who has written six novels.

ALBANY, Ga. — When Marques Lewis was just seven years old, he moved his first story from pen to paper. Little did he know where "Detective David: The Missing Toy Boat" would take him.

Since then, Lewis and his family have moved from Newark, N.J. to Leesburg and he has just published his sixth novel, "Good Men Still Exist."

Lewis said the move from Newark to Leesburg in 1997 was a challenge, but turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to him.

"The move was difficult," Lewis, 28, said. "I had a hard time adjusting to the gnats, the environment, the culture and southern slang. I was used to all that stuff up north, and it was like a different world down here, but I adapted."

Lewis said writing helped him make the adjustment to living in the south.

"I struggled early with my writing, but then things seemed to come together," he said. "I discovered God blessed me with the ability to write 300 pages in a short amount of time. The more I wrote the better I got.

In 2011, Lewis penned five books: "The Road to the Perfect Guy," "It's Love For Her," (which sold out six times on Amazon and made the shelf at Barnes & Noble), "Dating Jordan," "May Your Heart Be Encouraged," and "Married But Still Single."

Lewis has adapted a play, which he hopes to turn into a movie shortly.

"I guess I would best describe my style as versatile," he said. "I write with a lot of emotion from erotica to drama. I especially enjoy drama because of the realness. I like to keep things real and let my readers setting in and enjoy it."

A 2004 graduate of Dares School, Lewis was never formally educated in writing.

"As I said before, God blessed me with this ability," he said. "As I look back I would have never believed I would be where I am right now. For me to have six books published and other things on the way, well, I feel it is truly a blessing."

Lewis said he is always working to improve his craft.

"I tell everyone to follow their dreams, keep God first, keep the faith and most of all don't give up," he said. "Write as if you are trying to touch your readers. And don't worry because a lot of people won't like what you write, but you keep on going.

"Right now this is my life, this is my work, I am always writing, always motivated."

Lewis' novels are available at amazon.com, barnesandnobel.com and goodreads.com in paperback and download on Kindle and other electronic devices.