Thumbs Up! - June 24, 2013


Last November, the Dougherty County Commission’s Public Safety Committee recommended a salary and nine goals for Cynthia “Jackie” Battle as she stepped into the role as interim chief of the Dougherty County Police Department. The “interim” tag was to stay for six months and now the wait is over. The temporary status of Battle’s job has now been changed to permanent. All the hard work throughout her career has brought Battle to the top and here’s wishing her much success. Not just anyone could follow in the steps of the much-admired and now retired DCPD Chief Don Cheek but, Chief Battle is not just anyone.

It appears that one of the closed branches of the local library system will reopen. That is truly good news for patrons of the library and says a lot about the priorities of those holding the checkbook. While it is one branch and not both and the hours of operation will be abbreviated, it’s a start back in the right direction. From residents living near the Westttown branch and the taxpayers that foot the bill, thank you for listening and then acting. Who knows? The Southside branch could be next.

People that become famous, successful and hold more wealth that they ever believed possible, often forget (or ignore) the homes of their childhood. Nothing could be further from the truth of that statement for Americus native Leonard Pope. A seven-year veteran of the NFL, Pope continues to return to Sumter County. His most recent visit in mid-June was all about the kids and having fun. There were games, a bouncehouse, food and music, all free. Yes, Pope has made the big time but always finds time in the off-season to return to where his success began.

The year was 1977 when Debra Moore Capers came to MCLB-Albany. Capers was there during Grenada, Panama, Operations Desert Storm and Desert Storm, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq. After 35 years, two months and 26 days, Capers, supervisory information technology specialist, Marine Corps Logistics Command, has retired. A celebration was held in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd on base with a reception following. Capers made this statement at the ceremony. “The one thing you want to do when you plan your retirement is to retire with purpose. Don’t just retire from something — retire into something.” That sounds like good advice.

The biggest thumbs up for this week was an easy choice. Marvin and Doris Lorig just celebrated 70 years of marriage. The couple’s first date was a blind one and the destination was the circus. After that, they kept dating and were married nine months later. After a stint in the Army, Marvin and a friend started a diaper service business and he worked weekends at a shoe store and broadcast the Albany Cardinals’ games on the radio to provide for the family. From there came Flint Industrial Cleaning Service, which evolved into F&S Services, a business that lasted 50 years. The fact that this couple has remained cleaved for seven decades sounds like a storybook tale, except this one is real. In the words of Doris Lorig, “It’s all been about true love.” Who can argue with that?