Albany could become a golf cart-friendly town

Letter to the Editor

The increasing use of golf carts in some residential neighborhoods is similar to retirement villages where use of road outfitted carts is encouraged and legal.

What I am suggesting is for Albany to do likewise, with the wide turn lanes down the major roadways a perfect avenue for golf carts being used for shopping and inexpensive transportation to and from our many shopping centers.

To encourage the use of the golf cart mode of local transportation would give Albany a unique shtick, which is sorely needed to offset to some degree the adverse publicity so often leveled at our town.

The public would need to be educated to accept the presence of the vehicles on our streets, and strict enforcement of laws governing safety compliance must be enforced by our police.

Albany would receive notoriety as a friendly town that is a unique place to live. In addition, the savings in gasoline cost would be one of the benefits of the golf cart mode of transportation.