School bus DVR replacements requested

ALBANY, Ga. — Dougherty County School System Transportation Director Kenneth Williams asked the DCSS Transportation Committee on Monday to consider purchasing replacement hard drives to upgrade DVR camera systems on one-third of the system’s 158 active school buses.

Williams said many of the cameras have been on the vehicles for more than seven years and are experiencing a high failure rate when officials attempt download videos after incidents occur on the buses.

The district currently has 158 active buses that transport 7,938 students and run 493 routes per day.

Williams said each bus has four cameras that provide video from different angles and that 40 cameras are currently inoperable.

The camera upgrade would cost the district approximately $171,000 and would be paid for by SPLOST (special-purpose local-option sales tax) funds.

Williams also asked the committee to consider replacing eight bus lifts at the district’s Turner Road facility. He said the original lifts have been in place since 1958 and that finding replacement parts and people to work on them is almost impossible.

The transportation director asked the committee to consider paving a portion of the bus yard that has numerous potholes, think about looking into the purchase of a bus wash rack and consider reroofing the portion of the building that covers the facility’s offices.

Committee members Lane Price and Milton “June Bug” Griffin said they would discuss Williams’ requests with the full school board later this month.


dingleberry 2 years, 9 months ago

Get a good bid and buy them! Small price to pay in today's "sue 'em" atmosphere. Protect the drivers from the kids and the kids from themselves.

The statistics on buses and riders raises a question with me. Do we still transport a child to the school started in at the first of the year regardless ofw where they now live? If so, how does this affect the number of buses needed and routes required?


big2xpapa 2 years, 6 months ago

Can't we just drop the "June Bug" and use his real name. Committee members should be more professional, not like they are sitting around in front of a grocery store, chewing, spitting and telling 'Bull Sh-- ' to each other.


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