It’s time to get past the Civil War

Letter to the editor

My opinion to the opinion of James King’s (commander of Camp 141 of Sons of Confederate Veterans) letter in In My View from the Feb. 28, edition of The Albany Herald: I know of many, many historians who would strongly disagree with your opinion as to the cause of The War Between The States not being slavery motivated, but I also realize that many, such as yourself, would never agree on this being the cause, so my question is this,”What real difference does it now make?”

The war has long been fought and settled; nothing is going to change reality. The war is over. Slavery has been abolished in the whole of these great United States. The Union has been salvaged.

Can we not move forward together to make a better nation and let go the past, regardless as to the causes of such a terrible infliction of death and destruction to our country and our countrymen?




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