Westover continues its impressive run


Westover High School has won its third consecutive region championship and is preparing to defend its state title.

The region and state titles, however, didn’t come because of athletic prowess on the gridiron, in the gym or on the diamond.

They were won in the literary arena.

Earlier this week, Principal William Chunn called attention to these 15 student scholars and performers at a “Breakfast of Champions” that brought attention to their accomplishments. The event is starting to take on the feel of a tradition these days.

While an athletic team winning three state region titles and a state championship would have created some buzz around town, literary events tend to be much less celebrated. It is to Chunn’s credit that he has created a way to recognize this team for its achievement, which is certainly deserving of widespread recognition.

“Winning three straight region championships is no small feat,” he noted during the breakfast. “Now go defend your state championship for the first time.”

That defense will be in good hands.

In the region competition just conducted at Darton State College, Westover won first place in girls trio (Allyn Jones, Raven Reese and Kiara Stubbs), boys extemporaneous speaking (Evan Drew), girls dramatic interpretation (Katie Donnan), boys essay (Kwasi Wrensford), girls essay (Anne Belocura) and boys solo (Jessie Tyson).

The school took second in boys quartet (Tyson, Lyman Chen, De’Twaun Sewell and Curtis Peterson) and girls extemporaneous speaking (Sayna Patel), and third in boys dramatic interpretation (Othellious Cato). Alternates for the team were Sarah Lawe and Brook Johnson.

These students, coached by Selena Bentley, have worked hard, and that work has paid off.

“I look for good things to happen to you on March 16 (at the state competition),” she said.

We do, too. A second state championship would certainly be a wonderful accomplishment for these fine students who already are winners.


mrcvsjr 2 years, 8 months ago

Great job Westover. Get it done the State tournament.


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