Georgia gun bill passes House, faces uphill climb in Senate

The Georgia Capitol building

The Georgia Capitol building

ATLANTA — A bill that broadens Georgian's rights to carry weapons into bars, churches and college campuses passed easily in the Georgia House on crossover day.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that Republican-backed House Bill 512 passed 117-56 largely along party lines.

While the bill sailed easily through the House chamber, it may not find such a warm reception in the Senate chamber. Senate President Pro-Tem David Shafer, a Republican from Duluth, told the AJC that the Senate may be done dealing with gun legislation.

“We passed a bill (Senate Bill 101) that is supported by the National Rifle Association,” Shafer told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “We passed a very strong, pro-Second Amendment piece of legislation. If the House has additional ideas, we will certainly consider them.”

SB 101 is a bill that comes partially in response to an incident in New York where a newspaper used existing public records laws to obtain and publish the names and addresses of gun permit holders in a set of counties in that state. SB 101 would exempt from public disclosure the names of permit holders.

HB was not backed by the NRA but was supported by the group Georgia Carry.

To read HB 512, click here.


FryarTuk 2 years, 3 months ago

Why wouldn't permit holders want their names and addresses published? It's like a sign in the yard that says you bust in my house I blow you away! I see security signs all along the street noticing would-be burglars of alarm services. What's the difference? In fact I think I'll go put a sign up that includes my last practice target.

Hey Capt. Eddie, you still up there in Atlanta steering them ships around? Old Jay Powell toting some water with you on HS Phoebe? Lot harder getting them tax skows to come about, ay?


waltspecht 2 years, 3 months ago

Simply put, it is a concealed permit. Meaning one should not be upsetting the general public by brandishing a firearm. It also means the fact that you are prone to carry a gun is something you don't want advertised. As it would show any potential robber who they should shoot first. As to a sign on your home, if it were there do you really think a future felon would break in while they thought anyone was at home? Plus it would almost assure a gun score as most people with permits tend to have more than the one they carry. So the future felon would target that house. You will note I call them future felons, because those previously caught have been rehibilitated and have such fear of a return to jail that they wouldn't dare repeat the crime. Now that we have both had our fun Fryer, what is it about the average person and a gun that scares you? How can it be proven to be a realistic fear, versus statistics that say the liklihood of a Semi-auto military look alike being used in a crime is very small.


unclhos 2 years, 3 months ago

It is not a "concealed permit", it is a "Firearms License". For your "potential robber", the stars would have the align perfectly for them to even notice someone, not in uniform, carrying. And if they are going to continue with the burglary after seeing you armed, they had every intention going in to hurt or kill someone, whether they saw you or not.


Nous_Defions 2 years, 3 months ago

This a repost from another article that I commented on:

Currently here in GA, anyone who is involuntarily committed for mental issues is reported to a statewide database that can be accessed by law enforcement and the courts.

A $3.00 fee is now collected from a person applying or renewing a Georgia Weapons Carry License (GWCL) for a check against the Mental Health database. But State law does not make the check mandatory, only Dekalb County is currently accessing the database for GWCL. A current bill from the Legislature that crossed over to the State Senate would require all Probate Judges to perform a check against the mental health database. That bill is HB 512, Safe Carry Protection Act of 2013. As a staunch supporter of our 2A rights, this is a bill that I can support. And it is supported by GeorgiaCarry.org , the premier gun rights organization in the State of Georgia. It expands the places where carry would be legal, clarifies wording in current GA Codes, and halves the cost of GWCL renewal among other things.

My letter to Hon. Senator Freddie Powell Sims, supporting this bill was sent this am, I urge other freedom loving individuals to do the same and contact Ms. Sims with your support for HB 512.

P.S. Ms. Carol Fullerton voted AGAINST this bill in the House of Representatives. Remember that during the next election.


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