Police, Fire & EMS Reports - March 13, 2013

ALBANY, Ga — The Albany Police Department responded to at least 12 incidents on Monday and the early hours of Tuesday, available reports show. The incidents included:

— Recovered property on the 200 block of Oglethorpe Boulevard;

— Terrorist threats and acts on the 300 block of East Oakridge Drive;

— 1st degree burglary on the 1300 block of Radium Springs Road;

— Disorderly conduct on the 700 block of East Broad Avenue;

— Theft by taking on the 600 block of West Roosevelt Avenue, the 1300 block of South McKinley Street and the 200 block of Cone Street;

— Simple battery on the 600 block of Johnson Road;

— Lost of mislaid property on the 1800 block of West Gordon Avenue;

— Accusation of gasoline without payment on the 900 block of Moultrie Road;

— Family violence on the 2500 block of West Doublegate Drive;

ALBANY FIRE: The Albany Fire Department responded to at least 12 calls on Monday and the early hours of Tuesday, available records show. The incidents included activated alarms, structure fire, medical call, blown transformer, unauthorized burn and EMS assist.

DOUGHERTY EMS: The Dougherty Emergency Medical Service responded to 70 calls on Monday, available records show. There were 56 medical calls, 13 trauma calls and one Albany Fire Department assist.

The medical calls included, but were not limited to 10 respiratory issue calls, four chest pain calls, four cardiac arrest calls, three faint calls, three altered mental status calls, two seizure calls, two miscellaneous pain calls and 22 various medical calls.

The majority of the 13 trauma calls included six falls and two auto accident victims.

— Compiled by Jim West