APD urging people to lock their vehicles

ALBANY -- A string of entering autos from over the weekend has prompted Albany Police Department officials to urge people to make sure their cars are not left unlocked.

Phyllis Banks, spokeswoman for the APD, said most the vehicles involved were left unlocked -- and that weapons are among the property that was taken, including some handguns that were stolen Sunday.

"Several weapons are now in the hands of criminals after weapons were stolen from unlocked cars in West Albany," Banks said.

A day shift report provided by the APD shows that there were at least four entering autos in the western district on Saturday and Sunday -- specifically on the 2500 block of Devon Drive, the 2300 block of West Doublegate Drive, the 100 block of National Court and the 2300 block of Winchester Road.

Of those four cases, weapons and ammunition were taken out of three vehicles. In the fourth case, a Nook Tablet was taken, the shift activity sheet says.

In every one of those cases, the doors were left unlocked. Cash, sunglasses and Zoloft were among the other items taken from the vehicles, reports show.

The same activity sheet shows that there was an entering auto in the eastern district on the 1600 block of Whiting Avenue. In that case, an Apple Mac Notebook was taken from an unlocked vehicle sometime Sunday morning, the report shows.


VSU 2 years, 8 months ago

Same ole same ole, telling people to lock their doors, you might as well tell that tree to get up and walk away. Some people will never learn. More free guns for the criminals.


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