Bright of the day - March 21, 2013

"What a great story about Monroe grad Mimieux Land, a three-time Herald Player of the Year and ACC Freshman of the Year. There have been some tremendous athletes made in Southwest Georgia. How do they do it?"


Sister_Ruby 1 year, 1 month ago

Now this one was good and appropriate! Well done, Ms. Land! You go, girl!! Go High and Far!!


Abytaxpayer 1 year, 1 month ago

Seriously Carlton must have slipped when he let this one in. You really want to open that can of worms? “How do they do it?"….. Lets just say Ms. Lane is a very gifted athlete with a very bright future and leave it at that. Best wishes to her and I hope she continues to be an idol, roll model and great example for our youth! Lord know Albany’s youth need some positive leaders.


hotdog 1 year ago

Young lady of high character as well as her family....continue to do great things Ms Land...we are all proud of you


FlunkyMonkey 1 year ago

Albany needs to install a walk of fame to honor all the students from ALBANY AND DOUGHERTY COUNTY who bring honor to Albany. Maybe along the side walk at Turtle Park....Maybe use a sports logo for those who excel at sports and a scroll for those who excel in academics, and a treble clef for those who excel in misic, etc.


Abytaxpayer 1 year ago

Excellent idea FM! There should be a display at Turtle Park of Albany’s best youth so kids don’t have only Thugs to look up too. Your walk of fame is Great!!!! EXCELLENT IDEA!

This should be in "The Bright Side"


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