Bright of the day - March 23, 2013

"As old-timers having to make many repairs, we have found ourselves at Lowe’s these past few months far more then we would like. We cannot sing the praises enough for the employees there who have helped us solve and work our way through seemingly impossible problems. Thanks to Jarrod for his assistance."


LuLu 2 years ago

He went to Jarrod!

Haha -- I couldn't resist. But really, I love Lowes. It's my favorite store. It wouldn't do for me to work there, because I'd turn around and spend my entire paycheck there every week.


oldster 2 years ago

Customer service seems to be making a comeback !


agirl_25 2 years ago

I love Lowe's too and the 10% discount to veterans is nice when a large purchase is made. The staff has always been so nice and there is never any hassle on returns.


FlunkyMonkey 2 years ago

I too have had wonderful experiences at Lowes. Most of the employees are polite, courteous and helpful.


prettygirl 2 years ago

I could spend a fortune at Lowes and I enjoy every single department. My husband mostly refuses to go with me, because I go down every isle. I've found Lowes to be a friendly store for many years. I wish I had more coupons to use.


VSU 2 years ago

People laugh at me when I say Lowe's is my favorite place to shop, but what can I say? I feel like Lulu in a way in as much as if I had the money to spare and thinking of all the projects I'd like to do, I would be shopping at Lowe's everyday spending all my money.


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