Four suspects in drive-by shooting arrested

APD Robbery/Homicide Unit Detective Eric Rozier speaks at the Law Enforcement Center during a news conference concerning four men charged in connection with a March 17 drive-by shooting case where William L. Davis Jr., and Desmond T. Williams were killed.

APD Robbery/Homicide Unit Detective Eric Rozier speaks at the Law Enforcement Center during a news conference concerning four men charged in connection with a March 17 drive-by shooting case where William L. Davis Jr., and Desmond T. Williams were killed.

ALBANY, Ga. — Albany Police Department officials on Thursday announced the arrests of four suspects in the March 17 fatal drive-by shooting on Willard Avenue.

At a press conference at the Law Enforcement Center, police officials said Harrell Lorenzo Hicks, 20, and Jawaski Edward Kennedy, 20, had been charged with two counts each of felony murder, aggravated assault and possession of firearms early Thursday and taken to the Dougherty County Jail.

Two additional suspects, Maurice Kent Jimmerson, 22, and Desmond Sadique Warren, 18, were already in the Dougherty County Jail on unrelated charges, officials said. According to APD Homicide Detective Eric Rozier, the two were transported to the LEC on Pine Avenue, where each was interviewed and charged.


Maurice Kent Jimmerson

Thursday’s charges stem from the fatal attack of William Lamont Davis Jr. and Desmond Treon Williams, who were killed on Willard Avenue when the occupants of a passing vehicle opened fire.

Davis had previously negotiated a plea to aggravated assault and violation of the street gang terrorism act, prompting speculation his death may have been gang-related. Police are tight-lipped, however, as to almost all particulars of the case, citing the ongoing nature of the investigation.

“This is a continuing investigation, and we still have a lot of work to do,” Rozier said. “We’re still actively working on leads and tips from the community and from witnesses.”

According to Homicide Detective Terrance Bryant, much of the critical case information was provided by the public.

“We’ve spent countless hours sifting through the information to find the true and accurate information to make these arrests,” Bryant said.

In a separate part of the press conference, APD officials announced the felony murder conviction of Tracy Lashawn Smith for the Dec. 20, 2011 beating death of Jerome Walden.

Smith and two co-defendants, Demarcus Dontravious Lewis and Calvin Brooks, were indicted in September and charged with felony murder, aggravated assault and aggravated battery. A Dougherty County jury found Smith guilty of the assault and battery charges but could not agree on the murder charge, prompting a decision for mistrial.

Smith’s appeal to the Georgia Supreme Court that a new trial would violate the concept of “double jeprody” was denied, and Smith’s new trial for murder was completed this week. The guilty verdict was delivered Thursday morning. Lewis had avoided trial by entering a guilty plea to aggravated assault and aggravated battery charges, and Brooks will be tried at a later date, police officials say.

Walden’s niece, Wanda Rivers, present at the conference, expressed relief that Smith had received a guilty verdict and is scheduled for sentencing next week.

“This trial has been very emotional for me and my family,” Rivers said. “June 24, 2011 changed all of our lives. We’ve been devastated by these acts of crime these individuals committed against my uncle. He did not deserve what they gave him. Justice was served for him today.”


waltspecht 2 years ago

Well done, now make sure it sticks in court. Don't plead away anything and go for the max. I would much rather we support these folks in jail than the system and theft supports them on the outside.


jglass 2 years ago

I guess some folks just cannot "kick" the life of crime. I hope they all get the maximum sentence if found guilty. I agree with you walt.


erock 2 years ago

Some days you're the windshield, and some days you're the bug. Thank you law enforcement


truthsayer 2 years ago

They sound just like fine upstanding citizens that roam the streets of Ebony. It's in their DNA.


RedEric 2 years ago

Jimmerson looks like he will make someone a very fine cell mate per David Alan Coe.


Sister_Ruby_Two 2 years ago

I just don't know why all those dudes standing in the background don't have they arms folded across they chestes and have dark sunglasses on just daring somebody to talk back to the Honorable Detective Rozier? You know, like Mah Bro' Malcolm did?


mrcvsjr 2 years ago

As usual, a ignorant comment posted.


bubbasmithredneck 2 years ago

Good job APD......you finally broke the case......We are thankful.....


VSU 2 years ago

Now that they are arrested, how long till they are back on the streets? Maybe tomorrow?


Gollygee 2 years ago

Dear Herald, Please learn how to spell jeopardy.


erock 2 years ago

What happened when WALB interviewed the father of one of the thugs. You guessed it, "my son ain't in no gang. " This guy looked like a cross between Whoopi Goldberg and George Clinton. Saggy pants and tats to go with it. Wouldn't surprise me one bit if they found that good ole dad ordered the hit.


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