Unless otherwise noted, the following births took place at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital in Albany from April 29-May4.

BYRD, Savannah Ja’Zii, daughter, was born May 2 to Lashonda Robertson and Gregory Byrd of Albany.

CARTER, DonShawn Jermaine Jr., son, was born April 30 to Shameka Ellis and DonShawn Carter Sr.

COLLINS, Matthew David, son, was born May 1 to David and Sarah Collins of Leesburg.

COOPER, Brandon Blaze, son, was born May 3 to Jonathan and Cory Cooper of Albany.

DOWLING, Ashton Micha, son, was born May 1 to Donna Dowling of Dawson.

FRAZIER, Kertrez Dion Jr., son, was born April 30 to Inesha Spurlin of Albany.

HARVEY, Bryce Caden, son, was born April 29 to Brianna Barnes and Eric Harvey of Albany.

HERRING, Marshall Vincent, son, was born May 1 to Aaron and Jessica Herring of Albany.

HOLT, Jackson Scott, son, was born May 5 to Matthew and Stephanie Holt of Sasser.

JAMES, Kumora Elise, son, was born April 30 to Myeshia Crews and Kuyaunnis James of Albany.

LIND, Kaniyah Latres’, daughter, was born April 29 to China Murray and Jerrid Lind of Arlington.

MILLS, Evan Alexander, son, was born April 30 to John and Erin Mills of Leesburg.

MIMS, Willie Ralph, son, was born May 1 to Janalya Mims of Albany.

NU, Cing Sian Zun, daughter, was born May 2 to Kim Nu of Albany.

PARKS, Rykel Josiyah, son, was born May 2 to Neca Whitus and Robert Parks of Albany.

PEARY, Sadee Ruth, daughter, was born April 30 to Matthew and Krispin Peavy of Coleman.

PHILLIPS, Amariyah Michell, daughter, was born May 1 to Alexusia Phillips of Albany.

PRIEST, Jacob Allen, son, was born April 29 to Nicholas and Christi Priest of Leesburg.

RAM, Katelyn Saniya, daughter, was born April 30 to Kaveisha Stewart and Reynold Ram of Albany.

ROBERTS, Daylin Caprice, son, was born April 30 to Haley Roberts of Leesburg.

ROYAL, Carlston Antoinia Royal, son, was born April 29 to Christy Royal of Albany.

SAMUELS, Olivia McKenzie, daughter, was born May 3 to Belinda Tyson of Albany.

SHEFFIELD, Cannon Drake, son, was born May 2 to Matthew and Kristen Sheffield of Albany.

SHERMAN, Jaxson Leaughn, son, was born May 4 to Amanda Sherman of Leesburg.

SIMS, Gabe Garrison, son, was born April 30 to Gary Sr. and Brittany Sims of Albany.

SINGH, Karishma Maya and Ronak Veer, daughter and son, were born May 2 to Charu Jain and Rajnish Priyadarshi of Moultrie.

THOMAS, Bennie Ed, son, was born April 29 to Tiesha Thomas of Albany.

TOOMER, Travey Brussian, son, was born May 3 to Lanadia Middleton and Travis Toomer of Albany.

WILLIAMS, Jabari Marcell, son, was born May 1 to Marketta Williams of Albany.

WILLIS, Autumn Nichole, daughter, was born May 1 to Stacy Ellis and Ray Willis of Sumner.

Birth announcements are printed Sunday in The Herald’s SouthView section. Announcements are submitted to the newspaper by Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital through a parental release. Out-of-town births with local connections can submit birth notices by asking the hospital where the child was born to submit the information by fax to (229) 888-9357 or by mail to Births, SouthView, c/o The Albany Herald, P.O. Box 48, Albany, Ga. 31702.


Sister_Ruby_Two 2 years, 5 months ago

Only one teeny weeny apostrophe this week???? THANK YA JESUS!!!!!!!!


Truthbeliever 2 years, 4 months ago

Father, we thank You for our very lives, for health and for strength. We thank You for our food, clothing, shelter, kind nieghbors, good friend and loving families, for we know that we don't deserve your goodness tnoward us, but you never fail to look out for even the greatest sinner. Forgive us now for our sins, for they are many. Restore us to a right relationship with You, and help us to live in a way that is pleasing to you. Lord, bless each of these new little ones and the homes to which they go. Give each parent and guardian the wisdom and love to nurture your gifts to all of us. Keep your watchful eyes on every one and protect them from the evil that is rampant is this world. In Jesus' matchless Name we pray. Amen.


Sister_Ruby_Two 2 years, 4 months ago

"Give each parent............" uh......even them "parents" that just impregnate and runnoft, never to be seen again? They parents, too! You want God to Bless them? No, I want God to CURSE them!


Truthbeliever 2 years, 4 months ago

To the staff of Albany Herald: I received an e-mail from "Sister Ruby" forwarded by you. I consider it to be harrassing and by the law, stalking. I have contacted my local police department as well as the Albany Polce Department. It is unreasonable and unacceptable that I should be subjected to harrassment simply I choose to write a weekly prayer for newborns. I should not receive unwanted personal mail from anyone. I would never authorize that, nor would I expect to send personal mail to someone I don't know. Please ensure that this person does not contact me again.---M. Hall


Sister_Ruby_Two 2 years, 4 months ago

Then you should change your settings so that you will not be able to receive messages VIA THE ALBANY HERALD WEB SITE from other commenters!

Anyone can contact anyone else who posts on this site via the registered email address that you used when you signed up to be able to post. The email address is anonymous...the message comes through the Herald's site "Leave a message for so-and-so" on everybody's Profile page. You didn't know that? I have received messages via email this way. Some of which I enjoyed and some of which I didn't. But as an adult I did not get crazy and start making threats to people.

However, I will respect your wishes. All you had to do was ask politely and not over-react with idle threats.


MRKIA 2 years, 4 months ago



Sister_Ruby_Two 2 years, 4 months ago

I know. One little blind email and "TB" craps her pants and runs and hides under the bed.


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