DCSS showing signs of progress


A rare show of unison on a delicate subject — the assignments of top administrators to Dougherty County School System schools for the coming school year — could be a sign that the School Board has turned the corner, moving in a direction in which the students are the first consideration.

We sincerely hope that is the case.

After several years of upheaval on issues from testing and performance to finances and hiring practices, it would be a wonderful change for the children and youth, our greatest resource and hope for the future, to come under consideration first.

On Tuesday night, the School Board agreed to personnel changes recommended by interim Superintendent Butch Mosely, who has lived up to his charge of shaking up the school system and remolding its structure into one that better serves the students. Mosely’s recommendation was to change the principalships at a dozen schools, including three of the county’s four high schools.

In the not-so-distant past, this would have resulted in a razor-thin margin on the decision amid political posturing and charges of unfairness. That was not the case Tuesday night. The seven School Board members unanimously accepted the recommendations, saying they were in the best interests of the students.

“I think this will be a positive change for our school system in that we will have people in administrative positions with new ideas and focus,” Board Chair Carol Tharin remarked. “It shows the the system is headed in the right direction and that our employees will be held accountable.”

Board Vice Chair James Bush concurred. “There are times we’ve all made bad decisions, and this board is no different in that regard. Now we have a chance to clean things up,” he said. “This is all about making sure our kids can read, write and talk, and the final measurement is in performance. The 7-0 vote is indicative of the board’s unanimity on this issue.”

Indeed, for too long friendships, politics and power have eclipsed the purpose of the Dougherty School System — to give the 16,000 young Dougherty Countians who attend the public schools quality educations that will prepare them for college, work and life in general.

We have been among the School Board’s harshest critics when it has acted in a way that we believed was contrary to that noble goal. It’s only fair that when the board does the right thing — as it did Tuesday — that we recognize the action and applaud it.

The school system is in a deep hole, there’s no way around that fact. But there are signs that those in charge — both appointed and elected — are attempting to pull the system out of that hole and return it to the high ground it once occupied.

It won’t happen overnight, in a week or even over months. But if our School Board officials and administrators continue this new direction, the Dougherty County School System can again be a point of pride for the community, one dedicated to growing young minds into the leadership of tomorrow.

The decisions school officials make for these students will to a large degree determine the course of our community in the future. It is a tremendous responsibility, one that can only be met if the board and appointed leadership continue to travel in unity on this promising pathway.


Ms_Rational 11 months, 1 week ago

It is so nice to know that all of a sudden the Albany Herald truly cares about the 16,000 (95% black) students in the DCSS. Your concern has nothing to do with black students going to college. It about the 'undercover agenda' to take back a school system that whites VOLUNTARILY left. Now, that private school education is unaffordable; working class, poor whites need somewhere to send their children for free. Also, white teachers (who left voluntarily) need jobs in DCSS because private schools are closing. So you rip ASU as the culprit for BAD teachers to justify going outside the system for QUALIFIED teachers and administrators. Gimmie a Break!!!! You have taken pride in tearing down the DCSS with false accusations, lies, and misrepresentations so whites can come RESCUE the poorly governed DCSS. Sadly to say, I have seen this play before...as a matter of fact its the same play that whites have played since stealing America. Whats even sadder is that blacks are still falling it.
But I can't even be made at you. You have an agenda and you are fighting to see it thru. Blacks have no agenda and we have not learned how to play the game. I'll keep praying...only God can open blind eyes.

Yes, the DCSS needs changes, but I want fair changes that are in the Best interest of ALL students; not just the ones whose parents are too broke to keep them is private school.

As for the Bush, Riggins, and Griffin, I say to them, I'll rather be right and lose, than win and be wrong.


gotanyfacts 11 months, 1 week ago

Rhetoric from a brainwashed mind. One thing I have learned, when praying for others to see the light, to include myself.


whattheheck 11 months, 1 week ago

"Now, that private school education is unaffordable; working class, poor whites need somewhere to send their children for free."

If whites are working, they are paying taxes into the schools now which means DCSS is not and will not be "free" to them. Anyway, you don't seem to realize that some people actually want a good education in a safe environment for their children. and pay the extra cost. Others became fed up and gave up on DCSS, having already moved to Lee Co where it seems both objectives can be met, much to the demise of Albany.

Rescue the DCSS? I would say that comment is certainly true but not in the context you propose. For goodness sakes, long ignored locally, the need for rescue is even recognized by the State. It's not "white folks to the rescue". Rather, it is people waking late and finally trying to salvage what is left of a formerly good school system before poor administration and management to the point of stupidity finishes it off.

The Herald's coverage of DCSS issues was late coming but it is now being handled well. Wish the same for other local government issues also needing some help. Albany is troubled and it's citizens like Ms_Rational, a misnomer for sure, that are a big part of its "troubles"!


MRKIA 11 months ago



OUTsiderLookingINalbany 11 months ago

You have a very interesting and misguided understanding of things, Ms. Rational.


hotdog 11 months, 1 week ago

Interesting comments.....I am anxious to see what people have to say about them


sad_for_albany 11 months, 1 week ago

What rock did you crawl out from under? Really? Your post is what is wrong with Albany. And if you think blacks don't have an agenda then you are as ignorant as you are clueless and racists.


hotdog 11 months, 1 week ago

Figures moderator would not include my post.....I merely said it would be interesting to see what people would have to say about Ms Rational's posts....sad I am also interested in what you think the black agenda is....


Terry.Lewis 11 months, 1 week ago

Hotdog, you are a moderated user, which means it can sometimes take awhile for one of us to approve the posts. So if your comment is not immediately published, please don't take it personally.


MRKIA 11 months, 1 week ago



waltspecht 11 months ago

The Herald doesn't want to get sued any more than anyone else does. They have to be aware of who they are permitting to post, and especially aware of their wording. Not that anything be too plainly stated, as in cursing, or blatently false. Character assisination suits are alive and well, and just at a guess I would suspect the Herald has the deep pockets the Lawyers like to go after. You do realize that some unscrupulous Lawyers have people submitting things to provoke a law suit? Remember the great Handicapped Access Law Suits where one Complaintent admitted he never even went to the store in question. Had only been advised by a Lawyer's Para to file complaints against all these stores that did not comply. Hoping these would be a settlement instead of a trial.


MRKIA 11 months ago



Terry.Lewis 11 months ago

Basically, if you are moderated the management doesn't entirely trust what you might post. It's as simple as that.


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