American children are too pampered

Letter to the Editor

The final Chapter could well be called “The Dumbing Down of America.” It would have to be a bestseller, as it would obviously describe the United States at its present. Picture the world with all the countries getting their kids to study for the future. America’s children are being pampered and babied and told starting before school how good they are and how nice they are and how great they are, when they aren’t.

They get ribbons, trophies and all kind of accolades, giving them the idea they are perfect when the opposite it more true. Kids lose ball games, but yet no one really loses the game as they all get a pat on the back and a ribbon and then they are taken out and treated to a pizza or ice cream. If and when they get out of high school, they expect to be treated like this when they do anything and it’s wrong. They are not good, they didn’t win the game, they don’t deserve a ribbon or trophy. They need to feel defeat and understand what it means to lose.

Other countries have done just the opposite. While we were busy going 90 mph, we were heading in the wrong direction. Other countries were going 30 mph, but were headed in the correct direction. At this point, we have slowed to 30 mph and still headed in the wrong direction while the other countries are going 90 mph and have the goal in sight to accomplish what it takes to move a country forward.

We are still busy handing out ribbons. Parents have no idea what they have done to their kids. More later from the Final Chapter.