Unless otherwise noted, the following births took place at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital in Albany from April 22-May 13.

ADAMS, Elizabeth Joann, daughter, was born May 13 to Jonathan and Danielle Adams of Cuthbert.

ALBRITTON, Trace William, son, was born May 9 to Melissa Williams and Terry Albritton of Parrott.

BALDWIN, Tydareon Ashard, son, was born May 7 to Trevis and Christine Baldwin of Cuthbert.

BEAL, Kentreall Roderick, son, was born April 28 to Shuntoe Clay of Albany.

BENJAMIN, Micah Jah’modd Deshawn, son, was born May 8 to Cashayla Benjamin of Albany.

BROCK, Gabrial Ethan, son, was born May 11 to Tiffany Massey and Carl Brock Jr. of Albany.

BURDEN, Charlie Lee Montez Jr., son, was born May 11 to Tanishi Davis and Charlie Burden Sr. of Colquitt.

CRENSHAW, Kallie Rose, daugther, was born May 9 to Kyle and Carrie Crenshaw of Leesburg.

CURLEY, William Castle, son, was born may 10 to Channing and Brandi Curley of Albany.

DAVIDSON, Makenna Grace, daughter, was born May 12 to Chastity Gosa and Bradley Davidson of Leesburg.

DONALDSON, Tiquan Vermont II, son, was born May 13 to Liaishia Donaldson of Albany.

DOSS, Ameeyah Esther and Amiyah Estella, daughters, were born May 13 to Lorenzo and Tiera Doss of Albany.

GARCIA, Delmiro Jose, son, was born May 7 to Berenice Duque and Horacio Garcia of Americus.

GENTRY, Charles Anthony, son, was born May 5 to Kittielynn Gentry of Camilla.

GLOVER, Mikenna Faith and Talon Michael, daughter and son, May 6 to Jackie and Niki Glover of Albany.

GRIGG, Cheyenne Jacqueline, daughter, was born May 10 to Angel Grigg of Albany.

GUZMAN, Mateo Alexander, son, was born May 8 to Luis and Avan Guzman of Albany.

HALL, Atlas Tyrion, son, was born May 6 to Brandon and Brooke Hall of Leesburg.

HARPER, Harlee Nicole, daughter, was born May 6 to Hope Burns and Quincy Harper of Albany.

HARRIS, Jaxon Wyatt, son, was born May 4 to Rachel Cooper and Joseph Harris of Albany.

HESTER, Lilli Jane, daugther, was born May 11 to Laci Hester of Moultrie.

ISAAC, Tyheir Jemar, son, was born May 9 to Erial Nelson and Thomas Isaac of Albany.

JOHNSON, De’Airyan Rihyelle, daughter, was born May 8 to Deviana Johnson of Cuthbert.

LASTER, Eli Ezekiel Jose, son, was born May 8 to Edwin Sr. and Cynthia Laster of Albany.

LOWE, Malcholm Jamal, son, was born May 7 to Cyntessia Lowe of Albany.

LEWIS, Bryce Jared, son, was born April 21 to Sharisse Kelly and James Lewis of Leesburg.

MASSA, Elouise Marianna, daughter, was born May 6 to Daniel and Amanda Massa of Albany.

MCCLAIN, Kaleub Elijah, son, was born May 9 to Alexis Breland and Melvin McClain III of Albany.

MCCRAY, Denver Tomas, son, was born May 6 to Zendre Latimore and Thomas McCray of Albany.

MILLER, Justin Bradley, son, was born May 10 to Karen Peak and Jeffery Miller of Albany.

MILLET, Kameron Deonte’, son, was born May 8 to Tina Millet of Cuthbert.

PRICE, Tyler Amir, son, was born April 24 to Tracy Johnson and Derick Price of Albany.

ROBINSON, Kendall Rose, son, was born May 7 to Rose Robinson of Albany.

RYDER, Noah, son, was born May 4 to Tiffany Smith and Reed Castleberry of Leesburg.

SMALL, SaVion Malikia, son, was born April 22 to Melissa Taylor and Joseph Small Jr. of Thomasville.

SMITH, Taylor Isabella, daugther, was born May 9 to Anthony and Rhonda Smith of Albany.

SPURLING, Skylar Sariah, daughter, was born May 8 to Diamond Pizarro and Sederian Spurling of Leesburg.

TAYLOR, Asante Rylan, son, was born May 7 to Alessandra Merriweather and Robert Taylor III of Stone Mountain.

THOMAS, Hannah Nevaeh, daughter, was born May 6 to Carlette Clark and Ja’Tarious Thomas of Albany.

WATSON, Tate William, son, was born May 6 to Kyle and Kayla Watson of Leesburg.

Birth announcements are printed Sunday in The Herald’s SouthView section. Announcements are submitted to the newspaper by Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital through a parental release. Out-of-town births with local connections can submit birth notices by asking the hospital where the child was born to submit the information by fax to (229) 888-9357 or by mail to Births, SouthView, c/o The Albany Herald, P.O. Box 48, Albany, Ga. 31702.


Sister_Ruby_Two 2 years, 6 months ago

Dear Truthbeliever...........please pray for the absentee "fathers" ie sperm donors who impregnate these girls, many of whom are UNDER AGE (ie constituting Statutory Rape) and then RUNNOFT, never to be seen or heard from again, nor contribute to the support and nurture and up-bringing of their progeny. Please pray for GOD'S JUDGMENT TO BE UPON THEM.

THEN you will be praying according to God's Will! Right??


Truthbeliever 2 years, 6 months ago

Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you for this new day and for all that is in store for us, knowing that there is nothing that can happen by which you are unable to take to reins and steer toward success. We thank you each new one whose name is written here. We pray for all the parents, grandparents and guardians that they may realize the seriousness of the charge they have before them. Equip them, Lord, with what they need to be good stewards of your precious ones; that they'll not only provide them with wholesome food, clean clothing and good shelter, but also with love abundantly and safekeeping. Protect them all from the evil one. We know that there is so much anger and hurt in this world, even on our own street, but we pray Father, that You will show your mercy to even the haters, replacing bigotry and envy with patience and compassion. Let me, Father, be one who can learn to love folk through you, as only You can. It is in the Precious and powerful Name of the Lord Most High, I ask it all. Amen


Truthbeliever 2 years, 6 months ago

Sister/Mr. Ruby, please know that while you may feel compelled to write these weekly notes to me, this is the last time I will respond to you. Just so you know, when I see my name, I move past your post, not in the least be interested in reading whatever lovely things you write. Have a good life.


lowercasejesus 2 years, 6 months ago

You just got dealt with. By the loving bible thumper no less. Thats gotta hurt. Lmfao


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