Thumbs Up - May 20, 2013


Four Dougherty County School System seventh-grade students have been recognized by Duke University for their talent. No, this quartet did not dance or sing its way into Duke’s Talent Identification Program (TIP). Dylan Holland, Michaela Hatcher, Jamiyah Henderson and Jacobi McKenzie drew Duke’s attention with exceptional scores on the ACT or SAT, as well as scoring at or above the 95th percentile on grade-level achievement tests. Duke’s TIP taps only the highest academic prospects from across the United States. These young people, their parents and teachers, the DCSS, friends and family can all be proud of this great honor.

The SB&T Bike Race Weekend is back with a new date for 2013. Coming Memorial Day weekend, the race is a part of the new Southeast Regional Series. All entrants receive an event T-shirt and other goodies provided by the city of Albany and the Convention and Visitors Bureau. Register online on BikeReg.com. Online registration closes on Thursday at 11:59 p.m., but same day registration, with a late fee, will be available. The Criterium Course is a bike ride through 0.69 miles of downtown Albany. The Road Race starts in Leesburg and covers 33.78 miles. The Juniors Race (ages 10-14) will cover just over 16 miles. Don’t ride? You don’t have to to enjoy those that do. Event organizers need volunteers and spectators to cheer on the riders. Call (229) 317-4760 for route maps or to volunteer.

Whether the traditional way or not, a high school graduate can be more than a little proud of the milestone reached. Some students suffer little to none socially or academically through school, from kindergarten through high school. Others may excel with their studies but just not fit in socially or vice versa. Regardless of the path, smooth or bumpy, a high school graduate is just that. Congratulations for receiving the diploma, an accomplishment that can open doors. Here’s hoping you can, and will, continue your education. There is a lot more of the world awaiting you.

Doctors order treatment and/or perform surgeries, but the nurses that attend to you or a loved one while hospitalized are the ones who follow the orders. And so it is at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital. Each year nominations are accepted from each unit of the hospital, including the Willson Hospice House, Phoebe North and the Phoebe Digestive Disease Center, for Nurse of the Year. This year, 41 nurses were nominated for the award, an honor and recognition of quality care. The 2013 Nurse of the Year, selected by her peers, is Patricia Kennedy from the cardiology unit. The best, no doubt, of the best nurses Phoebe has to offer. Congratulations to you!

Annette Collier has been a volunteer reader in the Dougherty County School System’s Pre-K program for 16 years. Each year “Miss Annette” logs 100 or more volunteer hours. The number of stories shared by this amazing person has not been counted but it is estimated that she has read to more than 32,400 children over the years. Some of those children are adults and parents themselves now. It would not be all make-believe to imagine many remember “Miss Annette” and her time given so freely. Thank you and have a great summer. There will be new children waiting to meet you next school year!

— The Albany Herald Editorial Board