Dog owners must be more responsible

Letter to the editor

Recently, an 80-year-old South Carolina wheelchair-bound man was killed by four dogs.

The rising number of dog attacks should concern the public. Some of the attacks are by domestic dogs.

I have had a heart attack and two stokes. My physicians want me to exercise daily by walking. I have observed domestic dog(s) having access to the public. The dog(s) are not restrained by a leash or fence. They can exit the owner’s property and enter a public right-of-way. The small dog(s) try to bite the back of your legs, while the large dog(s) try to knock you down. The owners simply release the dog(s) from the front door, back door, or side or the owners seldom close the gate when doing yard work.

I do not mind the dog(s) barking at me through a fence or while on a leash; that is their job. But, when dog(s) charge me while I am simply walking by in the street’s right-of-way, on the asphalt pavement, that is a personal threat to me. The right-of-way gives me about 25 to 40 feet and only a couple of seconds to determine the dog’s behavior and whether I am being greeted by an attacking dog or friendly dog that wants ot lick me to death.

Dog owners need to take more responsible for the actions of their dog(s) before someone gets hurt.




waltspecht 2 years, 6 months ago

Most won't even control their children. Without strict laws of responsibility, people have no incentive to be responsible. The old reliance on individual responsibility is gone. Everyone and everything else is responsible, never the actual culprit. I can remember back in the early Sixties when New York City cracked down on Truent students by threatening their parents with fines and jail. Many a son got an escort to school by a Parent, and I even saw one get handcuffed to a radiator and the Teacher handed the key. Personal responsibility has got to be brought to the forefront in both Parents and Dog owners.


lowercasejesus 2 years, 6 months ago

Edward is assuming citizens are naturally compelled to do the right thing. In fact the ones with the most vicious dogs are passive agressively proud not to do the right thing as a way to lash out against the man. I agree with your ideas but i wouldnt hold my breath


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