Man charged in Saturday arson (Police blotter and video included)

ALBANY — An Albany man has been charged after arson investigators say that he attempted to light a house on Mulberry Avenue on fire Saturday morning.

Albany Fire Department Arson Investigator Sam Harris said Tuesday that Dewayne Street was charged in connection with a fire on the 1400 block of Mulberry Avenue.

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He's been charged with first-degree arson, two counts of aggravated assault and terroristic threats and acts. He's being held in the Dougherty County Jail without bond.

Harris said that investigators believe Street attempted to light multiple parts of the home on fire while two occupants were still inside. Harris said he then texted them and told them the house was on fire.

Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire but not before a portion of the home was burned.

The Albany Police Department responded to at least 34 calls Monday. Police responded to:

— simple battery on the 500 block of Ebony Lane and the 1200 block of Crawford Drive.

— domestic violence (unfounded) on the 900 block of South Cleveland Street, the 1800 block of Greenvale Road, the 2400 block of Nottingham Way, the 1900 block of Buck Lane and the 2600 block of McCoy Lane.

— false imprisonment on the 2800 block of Nottingham Way.

— disorderly conduct on the 1400 block of Whispering Pines Road and the 600 block of 16th Avenue.

— saggy pants on the 700 block of 8th Avenue.

— unwanted guest on the 400 block of South McKinley Street.

— criminal trespass on the 200 block of Pinebluff Road, the 1700 block of West Lincoln Avenue, the 1400 block of East Broad Avenue and the 300 block of West Mercer Avenue.

— theft on the 1400 block of West Whitney Avenue, the 2300 block of East Alberson Drive, the 900 block of Colquitt Circle and the 2000 block of Nottingham Way.

— burglary on the 900 block of South Street, the 2600 block of Gillionville Road and the 100 block of Mitchell Avenue.

— entering auto on the 200 block of Philema Road and the 1100 block of Julia Avenue.

— shoplifting on the 2500 block of Dawson Road.

— deposit account fraud on the 1300 block of East Roosevelt Avenue.

— wanted person on the 700 block of West Highland Avenue.

— identity fraud on the 900 block of 18th Avenue.

The Dougherty County Police Department responded to at least 16 calls Monday. They responded to:

— theft on the 3300 block of Sylvester Road.

— requesting EMS service when not needed on the 200 block of Holly Drive.