Congress ignores the bigger issues

Letter to the Editor

In the sport of weightlifting, some people go for power lifting for strength and others go for repeated light lifting to tone their physique for looks. When it comes to the ability of Congress, they are definitely looking for toning.

Congress is always knee deep in investigations, committees, hearings and panel reviews while much needed major issues are on the back burners.

Congress can’t avoid the opportunities of cameras and the media frenzy on much lesser issues like Benghazi, IRS probe, drones and the Associated Press probe. True as it may be that these lesser issues have some merits for investigation, they are less pressing to the future of growth and stability of Americans. The push for a much needed immigration law, an overhaul of our tax laws to simplify them and a major jobs bill are forever caught up grade school politics. Senate Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker John Boehner remind us of two politicians that have long ago overstayed their use and effectiveness.

American people are not without blame also. Citizens are easily convinced each voting cycle that it’s the other party that is wrecking the system and destroying growth. With a few props like an American flag, a very selective family at the podium and other career politicians in the background, the case for hardened positions are made and believed.

For those citizens that want compromise in order to get big things done, they should act on power lifting most in Congress out. Remember, it won’t be easy removing them since they’re very good pretending to have only the country’s best interest in mind (without any results).